Matthew Brown

Worship Pastor  
Hey friends! I’m Pastor Matthew Brown (you can call me Pastor Matt)! Since May 2022, I have served as the Worship Pastor of BFCN. 
I am originally from Queens, NY with a BA in Elementary Education (Math Emphasis) from Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, MA). I answered the call to vocational ministry in 2011 where I have served as a youth pastor, worship pastor, and children’s pastor. I have served as a physical education, math, and substitute teacher, and music director at different schools across South Jersey. I enjoy sharing the love of God through being with teens, music, teaching math, laughter, stories, food, sports, and board games (and game shows!).
My wife, Lindsey, and I have been married since 2018 (we met on a worship team!) and are blessed with three sons, Levi, Caleb, and Henry. We enjoy being outside, playing, eating at restaurants, and watching fire truck videos on YouTube (and Bluey). I’m super grateful for Lindsey’s grace and patience, love my sons’ way of seeing the world and thankful to God to have a family that will pray. Super blessed. (love you!)
I have a ton of verses that stick out to me, but as of typing this paragraph, Psalm 19: 1 sticks out:  The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. (NIV). Wow. Everything in creation, from the leaves of fall, the snow of winter, the flowers of spring, and the sun of summer, gives God praise in their special way. You and I were created to worship something. I pray that if you visit us that we will worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords together! Let’s go!